We exercise our sovereign rights
and powers for the benefit of our
tribal members


to conserve and retain tribal lands
and resources including subsistence
and environmental issues


to establish and carry-out justice systems including social services pursuant to Inupiat Tribal law


generate sustainable funding sources for ICAS as a regional tribal government


ICAS serves as an umbrella government for eight remote Inupiat villages known as the Inupiat Community, spread out along the Arctic Ocean with one village located in the interior just above the Arctic Circle.

How to join ICAS

To become a member of ICAS you must sign up with your Native Village Since each village has their own federally recognized Tribal village, you must provide information regarding your ancestral lineage to the village tribe that you are interested in becoming a member of the Native Village of Atqasuk, Native Village of Barrow, Native Village of Anaktuvuk Pass Native Village of Pt. Lay and Wainwright or another North Slope village.

The Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope is comprised of all the North Slope villages and their membership. ICAS doesn’t do the actual enrolling of members that is done by the respective tribal village government. Ask for a membership application where the information regarding tribal lineage (family tree) is provided to become a member. Application information is then presented to the respective Tribal Council for approval or disapproval for inducting into the Tribe as a member.