ICAS Council Members

Welcome to the Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope

The purpose of the Inupiat Community Tribal Council is to provide enrolled Inupiat members a direct and continuing means of citizen participation in government and local affairs. We are thirteen members, one from each village, and five from Barrow representing approximately 6300 enrolled members. Our terms are staggered with elections held every three years. We encourage you to participate and become a candidate for one of the council seats at the next election, General meetings of the Council are held at 6:30 PM on the first Thursday evening of each month in the ICAS Board room in Barrow, Alaska.

Our Location
Within our Council boundaries are some of North America’s most unique regions. Bordered by the foothills of the Brooks Range to the south and the Arctic Ocean on the north and west, and Canada to the east, the area encompasses 89,000 square miles. Fifteen percent of Alaska’s land mass lies in this region, all of which is located above the Arctic Circle.

Located within our boundaries geographically, the largest political subdivision in North America, are the native villages of Barrow; Atqasuk, Anaktuvuk Pass, Kaktovik, Nuiqsut, Point Hope, and Wainwright, Point Lay and the petroleum/industrial complex of Prudhoe Bay/Kuparuk.

Our Borough population as of July, 2015 was 9,687. A majority of the villages are coastal with the exception of Atqasuk, 50 miles south of Barrow, and Anaktuvuk Pass, 258 miles southeast of Barrow.

Our Council

President                             George Edwardson

Vice President                     William C. Hopson / At Large

Secretary                               Robert Suvlu

Treasurer                              Josiah B. Patkotak

Sergeant at Arms                 Matthew Rexford / Kaktovik Member

Barrow, Member                 Richard “Aqi” Ungarook Sr.

Point Hope Member             Jack Schaefter

Point Lay Member                Celia Attungowruk

Wainwright Member             Raymond Aguvluk Jr.

Atqasuk Member                    Ethel Burke

Nuiqsut Member                    Dwayne Hopson Sr.

Anaktuvuk Pass Member      Charles “Sollie” Hugo

 Barrow Member                      Megan Edwardson