We exercise our sovereign rights
and powers for the benefit of our
tribal members


to conserve and retain tribal lands
and resources including subsistence
and environmental issues


to establish and carry-out justice systems including social services pursuant to Inupiat Tribal law


generate sustainable funding sources for ICAS as a regional tribal government


The Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope (ICAS) is the regional tribal government for all North Slope Borough villages representing 6300 enrolled members of the Inupiat Eskimo.

Featured Departments

Vocational Rehabilitation – Savagiaggumaruat Ayauruat
The ICAS Vocational Rehabilitation Program serves Inupiat, Alaska Natives and American Indians whose disabilities may impede their ability to get a job, maintain a job, or get back to subsistence activities.
Tribal Operations – Illauruat Ikayugviat
We strive to serve the Inupiat community by providing and coordinating quality tribal Operations for our constituents daily to enhance tribal structure at the village level, increase communications with all arctic slope village councils,.
Natural Resources – Nunaptigun Qaunaksrit
Department of Natural Resources: The Natural Resources Department advocates for protection of the environment and natural resources including water, land, fish, plants, mammals, and birds in the North Slope region and environmental justice.