Vocational Rehabilitation – Savagiaggumaruat Ayauruat

The ICAS Vocational Rehabilitation Program serves Inupiat, Alaska Natives and American Indians whose disabilities may impede their ability to get a job, maintain a job, or get back to subsistence activities.

The program may be able to assist eligible individuals, who live in Anaktuvuk Pass, Atqasuk, Barrow, Kaktovik, Nuiqsut, Point Lay, or Wainwright (Point Hope is served by the Maniilaq Vocational Rehabilitation Program). Services include providing employment counseling and guidance, referrals for medical and psychiatric services, assistance with obtain training, finding employment, creating self-employment opportunities, as well as possible assistance with tools, licenses, equipment, and other items required for going to work. Our program begins with those 16 years of age and with no upper age limit. Importantly, the applicant for services must want to work.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Program staff addresses the uniqueness of each individual. No two people have the same histories, desires, and needs. Disabilities may include one or more of the following: Being in Alcohol and Drug Dependency Remission; Learning Disabilities such as in math, reading, problem solving; Mental Illness; Memory Problems; Orthopedic Problems such as back injuries; Traumatic Brain Injuries; Amputation; Severe Diabetes; Hearing and Visual Impairments; Seizure Disorders, Developmental Disabilities; and other disabilities that interfere with employment or the ability to become employed.

To apply for possible services, the applicant may come to the Vocational Rehabilitation Office or go to the ICAS Village Liaison’s offices to obtain an application. After an application is completed the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, with approval of the applicant gathers information to substantiate eligibility. Sometimes, the program will need to refer an applicant for further assessments to assist in determining eligibility. When eligibility is established, the applicant meets with the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to determine an individual’s goal and to write a plan called an Individual Plane of Employment (IPE). This will establish the course of services.

The Program also provides informational programming on a wide array of topics such as Social Security Disability, Veterans Benefits, Independent Living Skills and Equipment, and Disabilities. It is demonstrated that knowledge will assist in our creating a healthier community, a better understanding of disabilities, and especially of learning that all members of our community have the ability for positive contributions.

Contact Information:
ICAS Vocational Rehabilitation
P.O. Box 1610
Barrow,  AK 99723
Telephone: 1(907) 852-2448 or 1-(888) 734-2448
Fax: 852-2449

Our physical address is:
3210 Brower Street
Barrow, AK 99723