Realty – Nunatigun Iglignirat


1. The ICAS Realty Department goals are to fulfill our duties to the best of our abilities, under a federally funded contract, to provide all technical, professional and administrative support services to the Bureau of Indian Affairs to enable it to:

a. Preserve and protect all restricted lands in our contract service area from encroachment and unauthorized alienation or encumbrance.

b. Protect the rights of the Alaska Natives to pursue their lawful claims under the Native Allotment Act, the General Allotment Act, and the Alaska Native Townsite Act.

c. Protect the rights of Alaska Natives in peaceful possession of Native allotment lands which have been administratively or legislatively approved, or properly filed upon and awaiting adjudication.

d. Determine those land transactions (alienation and encumbrance) clearly justified within the long-range best interest of the owner and statutory authorities.

2. Provide technical assistance and advice to all Natives owning restricted real property in the ICAS contract service area in the development and highest and best utilization of their property.

3. Provide advice and assistance on restricted land matters to Natives, Native organizations and guide Natives desiring non-land service to the proper places.

4. Respond to public inquiries for information based on the Freedom of Information Act, and the Privacy Act.


The ICAS Realty Departments objectives are to provide real estate services to holders of individual restricted lands including land use planning, collection of data for processing land transactions, lease administration, land title records, research to determine heirship, research to develop resource inventories, and preparation of case reports for determination of claim of trespass damages. The Realty Departments personnel may furnish technical assistance to certain other native individuals and organizations upon request,in furtherance to trust and restricted property owner interests.


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